Another American Street food is conquering Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Sep 3, 2020

Corn dog  is here to make people falling in love with it.

There is a restaurant for every dish of almost every nations in Budapesr, yet more and more places are popping up that find a niche market. The latest one is Egypálcás, which adds one piece of American culture, the Corn Dog to our homeland.

Sausage dipped in dough rarely shows up in our small country, but now an entire store has been dedicated to it on Vas Street. Corn dog is essentially a sausage drawn on a chopstick, which is then dipped in some thick dough and fried in oil.

In the small, friendly store, the owner, Heni does everything - she gets the ingredients, she makes the dough, and of course she cooks our chosen corn dog as well. Although corn dog is basically a simply street food, Heni tried to add a few extras to the basic recipe to make it even better. Thus, in addition to the standard corn dog (HUF 770), we can ask for a version that is rolled in pancake dough (HUF 880) or french fries (HUF 980) before baking.

We can vary it further by asking for a little cheese in the dough, or by changing the sausage to cheese ín the corn dog. For the finished corn dog, you can also choose from several dips, such as nacho, various salsa or jalapeño.

But the best thing that convinced us that Egypálcás will be one of our favourite places is the tetris on the counter. It's exatly the one that we had in our childhood, and while you may think you’ve outgrown this a long time ago, we guarantee you’ll hit the opportunity.

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