Journey by Moonlight inspired the newest Hungarian gin
Posted by Budnews · Sep 15, 2020

The taste of this new-wave gin is not dominated by juniper, but a fresh, unique blend of different herbs, organic citrus and spices.

Gin has become popular beverage in recent years, enough to think about the international and domestic success of Opera Gin. Now another Hungarian gin has been born: after two years of experimentation, Mrs Millicent speakeasy gin is here.

The name may be familiar to many Hungarian people, as it was inspired by one of the characters in Antal Szerb's best-known novel, Journey by Moonlight. Millicent Ingram is a wealthy American young woman studying art history and coming to Europe on a study trip, where she meets the protagonist of the novel, Michael. She is relaxed, vibrant, naive and refreshing. Mrs. Millicent gin was born from this milieu.

"I wished to have a gin brand next to our pálinkas for years." said Mónika Czakó, owner of Bestillo. “Fresh citrus used for gin is available when the fresh ingredients for pálinka brewing are no longer available; so this way we can create the best spirits continuously.”

The new gin is available in the shops of Bortársaság and online.

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