Legendary Hungarian restaurant has reopened in London under a new name
Posted by Budnews · Oct 20, 2020

Gay Hussar is waiting for its guests with new owners and new name.

London's well-known Hungarian restaurant, Gay Hussar has reopened – from now on under the name Noble Rot. Gay Hussar was originally opened in 1953 by a man named Victor Sassi, who worked at the Gundel restaurant in Budapest as an intern, then opened a Hungarian restaurant in London. The Gay Hussar restaurant closed after 65 years in May 2018, but has now reopened, thanks to two London entrepreneurs, Dan Keeling and Mark Andrew - says The Financial Times.

The restaurant got its original name from Imre Kálmán's first operetta, The Gay Hussars. The word “gay” was originally used for cheerful, lecherous people, it only became a word for homosexual people decades later. Probably this change in the word’s meaning is the reason why the owners decided to rename the restaurant.

There is another reason behind the name choice: Keeling and Andrew used to trade with wines, they even had a wine magazine, and that is where the name, Noble Rot comes from. Noble rot - as experts say - is essential for making noble wine.

The new owners changed not only the name, but also completely remodeled the interior, although left some Hungarian dishes - such as goulash and casino eggs - on the menu. If you are in London, try the new Noble Rot and tell us, how you liked it!

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