Hungarian confectioner created masked Santa Claus for this year
Posted by Mia Balogh · Dec 3, 2020

Even The New York Post writes about a Hungarian confectioner who actualized Santa Claus for this pandemic Christmas season: his creations wear a small edible marzipan mask.

According to the Hungarian tradition, Santa Claus brings sweets to the good kids on 5 December – on the eve of St. Nicholas Feast Day. And on Holy Night, it’s the baby Jesus who brings all the gifts. Anyway, children and even grownups with a sweet tooth love those tiny chocolate Santas, sneaking in the majority of the households this time of the year.

And this year, some of them are well, let’s say actualized: the creations of a Hungarian confectioner, Laszlo Rimoczi wear marzipan face masks. ‘I think by the time Santa comes he will have to wear a mask because Santa has to show a good example to people,’ Rimoczi told Reuters.

The confectioner had simply wanted to raise the spirits of chocoholics down in the dumps about COVID-19. Instead, people worldwide went wild, snowing him under in online orders – adds The New York Post.

Now, he makes about 100 pieces of his St. Nicks a day in his workshop, located about 45 miles south of Budapest.


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