Guests smashed a luxury restaurant in Budapest – here is why
Posted by Mia Balogh · Dec 7, 2020

After enjoying a luxurious dinner in Onyx, the only restaurant with two Michelin stars in Hungary, guests were politely asked to gram hammers and smash the place.

‘Last supper’ – this was the name of the unique dinner held recently at Onyx, Hungary’s only restaurant with two Michelin stars. Eight guests were chosen back in October to enjoy for free the seven-course dinner with matching wines for each meal, of course. Anna Niszkács, the founder of the restaurant and her mother also joined them, and they must have had a good time together.

The surprise came after the dessert: guests were served hammers and other strange tools. No wonder that everybody became a bit confused. After that, the invitees dressed in protective gear and literally smashed the place.

You might ask okay but why? Well, writes that this wasn’t a real dinner after all, but a great marketing trick – got all the permits necessary as a film shot – to let everyone know that they start the reconstruction of the place, which was decided by Anna Niszkács back in 2019, and of course it was filmed. So the founder’s next big project is to create a video about the renovation, a serious film even worthy of being on Netflix.

The ‘Last supper’ project was quite mysterious but in the end, we are sure that everyone who participated enjoyed it very much. And the guests didn’t even have to worry because of the coronavirus, because everyone was rapid tested before the event.


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