Favorite of the week: edible takeaway cup for soup
Posted by Budnews · Oct 27, 2021

This is already a thing in a small café in Buda.

We’ve heard of edible coffee cups and straws, but an edible cup for soup? Yes, this is an existing thing in Spatula café / breakfast restaurant on Béla Bartók Street. Before the epidemic, Spatula was a real cute little gemstone: a café-breakfast place with a lunch menu and homemade cookies. Nicely furnished, homely cafe, with kind service, locally made, simple but varied dishes, sandwiches, breakfasts, a daily changing soup-main course-lunch and 3-4 types of homemade cookies.

If there’s no pandemic, it’s the perfect place for college students having an Italian-roasted coffee or cheese-ham croissant in the morning, and office workers who come here for lunch. It is not a tourist destination; it is mainly visited by the locals.

But this year, due to the epidemic, seating is no longer an option, so Spatula (as all other places) had to be prepared to serve take away. The owner, Mary, decided to realize her idea and make the edible takeaway “mugs”. The invention named ’eat your cup’ is not only creative and delicious, it is also very environmentally friendly.


“The idea is being seen elsewhere in the world, but in Hungary I haven’t seen it done by anyone,” the owner says. “I won’t reveal the recipe, but I could most liken it to a vegan bread, only of course it’s much thinner - but that’s what makes it a complete lunch with the soup. We are currently making peppercorns and green pea cream soup. We tested the mugs a lot, it can withstand a minimum of 25 minutes, but I have experienced 40 minutes a few times.”

If that’s all we can thank for the quarantine period - although we wouldn’t say it was worth it - but the world became a little better place.

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