Coca-Cola's new, more environmentally conscious bottle arrives!
Posted by Peti · Jan 3, 2023

Soon, we will also be able to find the bottles with the caps attached to them on store shelves. This is how Coca-Cola tries to reduce the amount of discarded plastic waste.

According to the announcement sent by the manufacturer to, the design of the bottles and caps will not change, but the two will be connected by an accessory consisting of a plastic thread and a ring.

After wrapping, the cap must be folded back until you hear a small click. After the bottle has been emptied and the cap has been closed, it can be thrown into the selective waste container.

The purpose of introducing the new caps is to support the reduction of packaging waste and to increase the circular economy with recycled caps.

The current transformation is in line with the company's commitment to sustainability, which contributes to the collection of 100 percent of beverage bottles by 2030.

Fixed-cap products will be on store shelves at the beginning of this year.

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