Taste Hungary, for a cheaper price – Restaurant Week in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Oct 9, 2014

Enjoy your meal – for a cheaper price during Restaurant Week, from 13 to 19 October. You can try 3-course menus in several restaurants for only 3300 HUF, approximately 11 Euros. Taste Hungary, or choose from other nations’ gastronomic pleasures, it’s really worth it now.



Do you visit Budapest in the middle of October, and would like to taste Hungarian meals, or just to eat for cheaper prices in top restaurants? If your answer is yes, then do it on the days of Restaurant Week, from 13 to 19 October.

Restaurant Week is a popular initiative in Hungary – it is organized for the seventh time, and it offers the possibility to tourists and Hungarian people, as well to try the restaurants from upper categories for a cheaper price. A 3-course exclusive menu will be available for only 3 300 HUF, approximately 11 Euros.


You can try traditional dishes of the Hungarian cuisine, for example gulyás (goulash) or halászlé (traditional fish soup). But you will also have the opportunity to choose meals from international menus, for example from the offer of some Italian, Japanese or even Mexican restaurants. Some places you can try now are among the best 50 restaurants in Hungary.

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Bookings for the Restaurant Week can only be made at www.etteremhet.hu. The reservations are automatically approved, so you don’t have to wait for the confirmation, or make phone calls to the restaurant chosen. If you enter the website, you can choose the restaurant you like, and you see immediately if it has seats available. You can see pictures and check the menu of the restaurant chosen, as well, so you can avoid surprises at the arrival.


This year, BudNews team has decided to try the one year old Almárium Bistro, because we would like to spend a nice evening together in a restaurant, where good food, creativity, friendliness and hospitality are essential values, and modernity is balanced with traditions. Join us, if you are in Budapest during Restaurant Week.

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