Enjoy the total chill out and a nice tea in Green Turtle’s Cave
Posted by Mia Balogh · Nov 19, 2014

If you would like to have a break in sightseeing in the city of Budapest, take a walk to Jókai Street, just five minutes from Oktogon, and enter the calm and magical world of the Green Turtle’s Cave, for total chill out and a nice tea.

Green Turtle’s Cave is a tea house, where I haven’t been for already two years, but recently I managed to visit the place again with one of my friends. It was so cold in the city, and everything felt so grey, because of the fog and the lack of sunshine. But in this tea house, I felt like entering a much more colourful world, and of course I was grateful for the central heating, too.

I almost forgot the nice atmosphere of the Green Turtle’s Cave, which can be immediately experienced right after entering here. Relaxing music and smiling waiters dressed like Indians are here to help us find our place in this special environment. I thought it was “magical”, because it is really unique and different from everything I experienced that day.


Right after entering the tea house, we got our menu cards at a small reception, then we could go down the stairs, and find a nice table for ourselves. My friend was extremely enthusiastic about the place, the nice menu cards and about the ordering, as well: every table has small bells, which has to be pushed to call a waiter. We called ours, and she came in ten seconds. Literally. We hesitated first, what to choose, because there are nice coffees and different dishes on the menu, too, but then we decided to have tea – what else to try in a tea house first?

My friend chose a tea called Indian Cherry, which is made from fruits of the Rocky Mountains, for example elderberry, Indian blueberry, sloe and wild cherry. I chose “The fruit garden of the old Indian”, which is a tea with strawberry, elderberry, hibiscus, rhubarb, mulberry and other red fruits. Both of the teas were served in small jugs, and our waiter offered to bring two mugs for each jug, but we thought that one mug for each person is enough. The teas were really delicious, served hot, with some honey and lemon we ordered from our waiter.


We enjoyed our tea, our time and the total relax here, and found some extra fun in the labyrinth-like corridors: the restroom is not easy to find but if you get there, you will see a “magical” turtle statue right before the door. Why can this statue be so extraordinary? Check it out, if you come to Budapest.

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