Chocolate Tours in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jan 7, 2015

Would you like to know more about sweets, taste rare and delicious goods and create your own chocolate? Then visit Chocolate Museum in Budapest, and enjoy a really sweet adventure.

If goulash, paprikás, sausages and other Hungarian specialties are not the kind of food you would like to taste in Budapest, then we have another tip for you: visit Chocolate Museum for a memorable and really sweet tour.

The museum is located in the 16th district of the capital. They offer different type of chocolate tours: “Praline Tour”, “Palatial Tour” and “Deli’Do Extra Program” are organized several times a week and each one of them offers theoretical and practical knowledge about chocolate.


“Praline Tour” begins at the main entrance of the museum, by testing the chocolate fountain. Then storefronts from the early years of the 20th century can be seen, and stories about chocolate can be heard. After that, you can create your own chocolate, by adding for example colourful candies, coconut, chilli or other spices to it. Until it solidifies, you can watch a short movie about the history of chocolate. You will get a mug full of delicious hot chocolate, and you will have the possibility to try some special dragees. At the end of the tour, you can stay for some more chat about chocolate, and this will be the time and place for you to ask your further questions to the choco-tour guide. The whole program takes 1.5 hours.

“Palatial Tour” has a very similar program to the first tour’s program, but at the end, a special tea-, cake- and Mozart chocolate tasting are included, too. This tour takes 1.5 hours just like “Praline Tour”.

“Deli’Do Extra Program” is the longest tour, it takes two hours. It begins at the chocolate fountain at the main entrance, continues with some information and interesting details about creating chocolate, then you will know, what a chocolate postcard is, and how to make one. Yes, you can create your own chocolate postcard. At the end of the program, you can taste a gourmet chocolate cake, made obviously from the best chocolates in here.

In the Chocolate Museum, there are several tours almost every day of the week. But they suggest you to book your place(s) before going there, on the phone or by contacting them via e-mail:

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