Yamato Restaurant – a Korean-Japanese adventure
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jan 20, 2015

Chinese eating-houses could be found on every corner, but we couldn’t name any authentic Japanese or Korean restaurant in Budapest, until now. But then, however, we discovered the Yamato restaurant, which tries to endear the traditional Far East cuisine with the European people. Wish to realize all this by make the guests roast their own meet meal.

If you have never been to a place like this, here comes some information you should know: the main peculiarities of the Korean traditional cuisine are the many small additional courses (Banchan), that accompany the braised short grain rice, soup and kimchi (fermented, spicy vegetable Banchan).


On the other hand, some experts say that we can talk about Japanese gastronomy only when a food can be consumed with chopsticks or we can drink it directly from the bowl. Another principle is that if a marine organism is fresh enough to be consumed raw, it has to be consumed raw.

Yamato Restaurant is the crossing of these two cultures: Japanese Yakiniku and Korean BBQ. The Yakiniku is none other than the sum of freshly grilled meats and vegetables. Its specialty lies in the sauces which come with the roast meat. The Korean BBQ means pre-marinated slices. In this range, we may choose from richly spiced meats and even more powerful, more piquant courses. One more thing to know about Yamato’s "bake it yourself" system: Koreans do this with the pre-marinated meats while Japenese with the completely plain food.


Yamato has so wide range of specialties that I don’t know what to highlight: in addition to the meats to roast, there are many types of sushi and noodles; salmon, red tuna and tiger prawns are on the plates and we can drink special bubbled jasmine tea, not to mention the Sake, Umeshu, Calpis or Asahi. Instead of listing, try it!

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