Three – a place, where the guest’s desires come first
Posted by Mia Balogh · Mar 25, 2015

Would you like to visit a place, where delicious food and drinks are available for a reasonable price, and where the guest’s needs and desires really come first? Then visit Three - |3| -, newest place in the downtown of Budapest.

Several bars, pubs and restaurants open their gates in the downtown of Budapest, so there is always something new to see and to experience – for example in the Kazinczy Street, where the newest place, Three - |3| has opened. You won’t forget the address: 3 Kazinczy Street.

It offers really nice, urban atmosphere mixed with some modernity and elegance. The design is really simple but in the good sense of the word, and it doesn’t make us think that we miss anything here.

On their Facebook page, they introduce themselves as a bar and grill and night club, but it is more complex: a restaurant, a bar, a place to feel good, to work, to chat, to meet friends or new people, and of course to try well-known or new dishes and drinks.

|3| opens at noon, with a daily menu for 970 HUF (3 Euros). We can start here with a nice lunch, for example with duck and mushroom risotto, or apple cream soup with honey and mint, chicken with mix of thai vegetables and rice, or you can taste their broccoli cream soup and Tuscan tomato soup.

If you arrive a bit later in lunchtime, you may miss the menu, but in |3|, they have several ‘fixed’ dishes you can choose from. For example the beef burger with their unique onion jam is always available, and their vegan dishes and streetfood section is worth trying, as well (extremely delicious steak potato alert!).

The price of the dishes is really reasonable here, and the best thing is, that if you order something, you can also see how it is made, owing to the ‘open kitchen’ liked by the owners and the guests, too.

By the way, |3| has the impressive conception that they put the needs and desires of their guests first. So from the first moment anybody arrives here, they would like to make everything entirely as their guest wants to have it. Maybe a new place is born, where we can ask the chef to change his recipe never changed before just for our sake? You can try it anytime, and see if it is right.

The place turns a night club for the evening and for the night but it remains a bit different from its big brothers, Anker and Ankert. |3| doesn’t want to be one of the popular ruin pubs of the downtown, but it intends to be a place for creative people, for friends and couples, for tourists and for locals, and for those who arrive by bike or bring their pets with them, as well.

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