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Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Apr 3, 2015

Bocuse d'Or European final will be held in Hungary in 2016.

If there is a term which certainly makes one's mouth water, I’m 100% sure, that it’s Bocuse d’Or, the world’s most prestigious chef competition. And now – well, next year – this gastronomic Oscar ceremony will take place in Budapest, between 10-11 May 2016. Here will be selected those European countries and chefs who are eligible to participate in the Bocuse d'Or world final in Lyon 2017.

Budapest's competition will be a 5 hours 35 minutes long breathtaking culinary production. During that period, the participants have to prepare a meat and a fish dish, the best they can. The chefs, who will work in open boxes in front of the raging public will exam from creativity and technical knowledge, while at the meantime they promote the culinary values of their countries. But the devil is in the details: the right flavor does not guarantee the win. The amount of side dishes, the sight, and the presentation can all play a role in the final points.

Competition’s process is the following: to participate in the European final, chefs have to win their national finals first. This European final is organized every even-numbered year in different cities selected by tender (next year in Budapest). In the European contest only 11 chefs win the opportunity to participate in the Bocuse d'Or World Finals where they compete with the Asian and American winners. The final is held every odd year in Lyon, the hometown of Paul Bocuse. On the World competition, the “Oscar of gastronomy”, the winner chef with the highest overall score is awarded the Bocuse d'Or trophy, a golden effigy of Paul Bocuse in his chef's outfit, receiving the grand prize of €20,000. The Silver Bocuse medalist receives €15,000, and the Bronze Bocuse medalist receives €10,000. Additional prizes are awarded for the best fish and meat dishes, best national culinary identity, best apprentice and best posters (which Hungary won this year).

Nearly 50 countries are participating in the whole tournament, but on the final contest only competitors from 24 countries of 5 continents have the chance to prove. Hungary managed to take part in the world championship in 2013 for the first time with Tamás Széll and became 10th. This year Gábor Molnár and the Hungarian team scored in the 13th place in Lyon. (By the way: Gábor is the junior sous-chef of Geisel's Vinotheque in Munich).

Did you know?

The Bocuse d'Or is the world's most prestigious cooking competition since 1987, named after the now 89-year-old Paul Bocuse, the Chef icon of the XX. century. Paul is no longer active, so the tasks of the competition are carried out by his son, the chef Jérôme Bocuse, who arrived to Hungary on March 30, to sign the Hungarian mandate for next year's European Final.

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