Heroes of Responsible Dining
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Apr 10, 2015

There is an initiative in Budapest, which collects the sustainable and green restaurants into network and which definitely worth paying attention to: Heroes of Responsible Dining.

The environmentally conscious lifestyle and responsible farming have increasing emphasis these days. So much, that this approach has been infiltrated even into the catering industry. We found a movement, Heroes of Responsible Dining, which brings together the restaurants that operate in an environmentally responsible way and produce really high quality food. The Sustainable Restaurant qualification is intended to approve and help those restaurant owners who make the effort to reduce the environmental impact of their restaurant, bar or coffee shop.


When assessing the restaurants, they consider many aspects. In addition to the commitment to use local, seasonal food that contains as minimal chemicals as possible, the organization also places great emphasis on:

- Supply and Procurement: Keeping low food miles is a crucial aspect for any environmentally conscious people, such as the growing conditions of the materials.

- Waste management: the efforts to reduce the amount of waste and collect everything selective that is possible.

- Hygiene: The members of “Heroes of Responsible Dining” network reduced the use of harmful chemicals in extent of their capabilities and thus they made a significant step towards a healthy and sustainable operation.

- Energy Efficiency: In addition to protecting the environment, it is important to restaurants because those who choose their machines deliberately can suppress the costs up to 10-30%.

- Water efficiency: water is one of the world’s narrowest resources at present, and although Hungary has fortunately had no serious problems until now, we still have to pay attention.

- Responsible social behavior: the responsible behavior extends to the way restaurants choose employees (equal treatment), provide sufficient benefits to them and also the safe working conditions.


So the members of the group are the real "good guys". The Sustainable Restaurant rating system helps in the customer’s orientation by making it sure that these restaurants are 100% responsible. And as guests are becoming more and more conscious of where their money is spent, these sustainable movements getting more and more popular. And why should not they be? All these aspects are (and should be) important for everybody. So check http://responsibledining.com/, chose a bar or restaurant and be sure: there is no better place to be.

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