The best outdoor venues to drink rosé ’fröccs’ in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Apr 22, 2015

Take some rosé wine, mix soda water to it so you will get a nice rosé ‘fröccs’. Or just sit down on a terrace, enjoy the sunshine and the company of your family or friend(s), and let others make a good ‘fröccs’ for you. Here are our favourite outdoor venues in Budapest, where you can do so.

If you arrive to Budapest in springtime, you can see that Hungarian people and also the majority of tourists sitting down for a drink on a nice terrace. It is much more pleasant than staying inside: everyone can enjoy the sun, the temperatures around 20 degrees and for example a nice rosé ‘fröccs’, rosé wine with soda water, while sitting and chatting with friends. We would like to give you the list of our favourite terraces, where you can have great ‘fröccs’ in Budapest – try any of these and you we are sure that you will have a good time.


If you are spending your time in the City, near Deák Square, we are sure that you can’t avoid Fröccsterasz. This is a popular place among Hungarian people and tourists, the young and the old. Crowded but friendly, and not the cheapest but the prices are acceptable.

Address: 5th district, Erzsébet Square


After a nice walk or bike tour in the City Park, we think that you will be really happy to taste the food and drink offer of Pántlika restaurant. It is popular owing to its friendliness and retro atmosphere, and we have three more reasons to go there: it is not too expensive, dogs are allowed, and you can arrive by bike, too.

Address: 14th district, Hermina Road 47.

Déryné Bistro

If you spend your time on the Buda-side of the city, and you would like to try a really nice bistro, you can choose Déryné for example. The food and drink offer is excellent there, and you can already reserve your table online in just a few seconds. Their terrace is opened since 16 April, don’t miss a good ‘föccs’ there.

Address: 1st district, Krisztina Square 3.


We can’t forget about Holdudvar in Margaret Island, which is one of the favourite outdoor venues of many people in Budapest. The place is really nice and has a large patio, perfect for spending your time together with friends, or making friends with new people for example by having a ‘fröccs’ or dancing. Holdudvar opens on 24 April, and waits for everyone till the last summer days.

Address: 13th district, Margaret Island

Café Vian

Are you a gourmet? Or would you like to enjoy some delicious food and nice drinks on the terrace of a really good restaurant in the city of Budapest? Then choose Café Vian, and you won’t regret it. It is not the cheapest choice you can make but it is definitely worth it.

Address: 6th district, Liszt Ferenc Square 9.

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