Budapest Baristas – coffee and more to explore
Posted by Mia Balogh · May 6, 2015

Would you like to have a break in sightseeing or in your program in Budapest, and are you a fan of good coffee and nice desserts? Then don’t miss the city’s newest specialty coffee shop, Budapest Baristas, opened in an ex-second hand bookstore on Museum Boulevard.

Light brown wood panels, white walls, minimalist logo: that’s what you see, when you enter Budapest Baristas for the first time. Budapest’s newest specialty coffee shop is a really simple, but nice and attractive place for some refreshment. That doesn’t have to mean coffee, if you would like to have something else, because the place has a lot of options to choose from.

Are you a fan of tea? Well, you can choose your favourite one. If the weather is hot, and you don’t want to drink hot tea, try their home-made ice tea or the lemonade. These drinks are delicious and we assure you that you won’t feel hot or thirsty after having a glass of these.

If you would like to taste something sweet after your tea or coffee, try their cheesecake, their home-made chocolate cake, or their milk, egg, gluten and sugar free bounty pudding, or panna cotta which is already available in paleo diet version, too. If you are a fan of healthy lifestyle, you can choose some of their take away fruits, as well.

Do you know how a tapioca pudding tastes? You can experience here several versions of this dessert, for example mango-passion fruit, raspberry, pineapple-lime.

If you think that a nice coffee would save your day, try a classic espresso or some latte-type drink, whatever your taste or mood dictates. All the coffees available here are made with contribution from Casino Mocca and La Marzocco, and all of the drinks are prepared by trained baristas, so you have a guarantee for quality. If you would miss water, look at the counter: they have put it there so you can take as much as you would like to.

After ordering your drink, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the coffee shop, which is an ex-second hand bookstore on Museum Boulevard, and you can have some fun watching the people, mainly students at the ELTE University campus.

Our tip: Would you like to taste something really special? Then try Cascara in Budapest Baristas, a delicious and refreshing coffee-fruit tea, which tastes like rosehip tea. You won’t understand how you could live without tasting it before.

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