Bubbles for every day
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · May 26, 2015

Champagne is the meaning of life with a slight exaggeration, and we found the best place to taste: the original Double Bubble champagne bar at Madách Square, Budapest.

At Double Bubble the focus is exclusively on champagnes and sparkling wines, all the more so because this bar aims to show that this genre is just as varied and diverse as the world of wines. The best domestic sparkling wines, proseccos and Spanish cavas are all a sip of happiness and luxury, but the greatest experience is the discovery of Champagne.

The innovation of the Double Bubble champagne bar is that we can not only taste and drink these champagnes, but during the exciting tastings we can get to know, almost move through the most popular champagne-producing regions. We can savour the domestic bottle-fermented sparkling wines and the French Champagnes one by one, or compare the champagnes of the three wine regions of France.


If you are not true professional in the world of champagnes, just enthusiastic amateurs, you have no reason to worry: at Double Bubble the guests get every information they need and wish. Super friendly and well-informed sommeliers tell us everything, and we can also leaf through magazines dealing with each champagne regions, or watch films about the places of production and the manufacturing steps of champagne.

And because excellent food is a must to the real champagne experience, Zoltán Magos chef creates light, complementary foods for each champagne. In addition to the classic Parmesan, brie and ripened ham bowls, the inevitable caviar and foie gras with blueberry are also included in the accompanying snacks.

In conclusion, the champagne bar is an ideal place if you want to refresh yourself with a glass of fine drink before an evening program; but if you are deeply interested in sparkling wines and want to know everything about the fizzy drinks, then you have no choice but to visit the Double Bubble.


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