Budapest Bakering - the most creative street food ever
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · May 29, 2015

Budapest Bakering, the coolest street food of Budapest has launched.

Don’t be surprised if you meet street food stalls look like a mini mean of public transport. We can meet this trolleybus, tram and bus shaped stalls for two weeks in the 7th district of Budapest, and everyone is talking about them by now. The owner, Ádám Lendvai combined the street food trend conquering Western Europe with the well-known vendor carriages of the east pushed by hand. But Budapest Bakering is special not only in its look: don’t get such food as the so-called "Ring" (no, not that ring) perhaps anywhere else in the whole world.

The three essential elements of the business are:

  1. The 3 little vending stalls modeling the iconic design of the Budapest transport company. And the next 3 carts are already been preparing: the suburban railway, the oldschool metro and the 6th, yet secret design. And according to plans in the near future it may increase up to 30 in number.
  2. An application, with which we can not only keep track of the movement of cars in the city, but we can also see what they have in stock and how much left of it. And if you really keen on a “ring”, but don’t want to chase the mobile vendors, you can draw the stalls to yourself by pressing the magnet button! Thus, the cart serves the needs by deviating from its original route.
  3. This brings us to the 3rd and the most important thing: the offer. The food we can buy from the mini BKV carts is the “ring”, which is no, not a bagel, but a patented invention. It's a brand new street food, a closed sandwich that is so great that we don’t understand how this not existed before. It's really not a bagel, no matter how similar is at first glance: while we cut the bagel and pack full as a sandwich, they fries up the ring already filled with serrano ham and goat cheese, for example. This way it doesn’t fall apart easily, can be dropped into the bag and eaten after arriving to the workplace. The proportions of the ring are also different: 50% dough, 50% filling, which is quite ideal, I think.

Ring is now available in 10 flavors, but they will realize the most popular versions sent to the facebook page. It costs 300 forints (about 1 Euro, the price of a cheeseburger), but it may be obtained for 200 or even 100 forints, if someone has a coupon reminiscent of the classic tickets. And in addition to the ring, fruit juices and dried fruits are available as well at these stalls.

We can meet the cars on the summer festivals as well, such as Bánki Lake, and the service can be ordered for events such as weddings. Now the carts circulate in the 7th district from 7 Am to 10 Pm on a pre-determined route, but the approval process has been going on for the 8th district as well. Keep an eye on these unique vehicles!

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