New wave cafe
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jun 2, 2015

We know a better place than Starbucks.

There are so many cafe bars in every city as the star in the sky, but it’s exactly why it is difficult to choose among them. If you only need the ritual, or the daily caffeine amount, go head to the McDonald’s or the coffee machine at work, but if you desire more, we have a tip for sure.

Espresso Embassy is not about to just quickly receive the amount of caffeine in the morning, and go on. The coffee break is ceremony here, where award-winning Baristas make espresso, cortado and the others. Espresso Embassy brings back the classic coffeehouse culture in a totally 21st-century form.

The “secret” is that they prepare the coffee with an innovative method: carefully drip in the cup with paper filter, pre-soaked and appropriate degree heat water. Due to this method, the flavors of coffee come out more forcefully in their coffees and lasts longer than a traditional espresso. If we try one, do not take milk or sugar with the coffee: the Espresso Embassy is the place where it’s not necessary even for an espresso.

In summary: the Espresso Embassy is an uncompromised, cutting-edge coffee house, where we get the coffee for similar price as in the big coffee chains, but carefully prepared, accompanied with some nice gestures and attention.

Address: 1051. Budapest, Arany János street 15.

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