La Delizia – the sweetest choice in the downtown of Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jun 15, 2015

Would you like to have a nice coffee, lemonade, ice cream, a piece of cake, some biscuits, or some nice souvenirs from Hungary – maybe all of these in one place? Then visit La Delizia in the downtown of Budapest, you will be pleased. 

If you take a walk in the downtown of Budapest, you might feel that a nice coffee, lemonade, ice cream or some other sweets would be really good idea for you to refresh yourself a little bit before continuing the sightseeing.

When walking in the Jókai Street (6th district) or at Pozsonyi Road (13th district), you can find La Delizia there: they have two spots in the downtown in Budapest, to the delight of all who are looking for some refreshment or who have a sweet tooth.

The La Delizia is a cookie manufacturer, a shop and confectionery, where you can enjoy the delicious taste (like the name “La Delizia” suggests) of several cakes, cookies, food and drinks.

La Delizia collected various recipes of cookies and cakes from all over the world and if you visit them, you will have the chance to taste these goodies what are baked on spot in the confectionaries.

You do not have to make a matter of conscience because of the additives or preservatives, as all their products are made without any of these materials. You can even taste lactose- and gluten free sweets, for example their blueberry cookies, which are healthy but really tasty.

If you decide not to count calories, choose a chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, tonka bean – pistachios cake, or a piece of their raspberry cheesecake with Italian mascarpone. A piece of Heaven, each bite of these.

Their coffees and lemonades with lemon or orange are perfect, too. Or if you would like to drink homemade syrup, try elderberry, ginger, mint, lavender, sour cherry-cardamon, lemon-strawberry or any other, you won’t be disappointed.

Would you like to eat your dessert later? Then ask the chosen cookies and biscuits for takeaway. Despite of not using any preservative, most of the cookies available here keep their freshness, taste and quality for 6-8 weeks.

Our tip:

If you would like to buy a really special souvenir for your loved ones in Budapest, choose a box of biscuits or cookies here. We can assure you that your friends and family members will love it, and hopefully they will share it with you.

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