Let’s meet in Mahung!
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jul 1, 2015

Vega bistro, vegan pub, or a small “temple of health” in the Pest side of the city? I heard some good critics about Mahung and decided to check up on the place.

Although there are more and more vegans in Budapest (or at least people who follow a more healthy lifestyle), I think there is still a lack of places where you can enjoy healthy food and drinks. I mean, really enjoy these, in the best sense of the word.

That’s why I wanted to visit Mahung: my friend has been there, and he told me that their home made syrups and juices are fantastic, and that I should taste something from their food offer, as well, because they have healthy and tasty things. It sounded so good that I had to schedule a visit in a couple of days.


Unfortunately, it was so hot that I couldn’t think of eating, but I definitely was looking for some refreshment. As I saw on Mahung’s Facebook page, they have several juices, home-made syrups, etc. so I was sure I won’t stay thirsty.

After a short walk from Corvin Quarter, I arrived to Mahung. I saw that the bar is closed, but somebody told me to enter the courtyard right next to the place, because the juice bar is operating there right now. And it was true: after some steps in the courtyard, I saw the counter and the blackboard with the drink offer of Mahung.



I asked the bartender about juices and cocktails, because I wanted to know more before choosing one. I was informed that all the juices are made from freshly pressed vegetables and fruits, with various spices and tricks, in amazing combinations.

Moreover, they can personalize the drinks according to your taste: just choose your favourite fruits and vegetables, and they create something amazing for you right there, in just a few minutes.

In the end, I decided to try one of their homemade syrups. It was a cool and tasty currant syrup with some ice, and I really suggest you to taste it. But if you prefer juices or cocktails, you can choose for a example a Harlem Shake juice (with lavender and mulberry) or P+R cocktail (pineapple, coconut and rum).

Next time, I will try some of their cakes or cookies, because they have a nice and healthy offer of these things, too. So I will return. Definitely. Let’s meet there.


Three interesting things about Mahung:

1. They can make more than 300 juices. The price tags are the same as in any other juice bar of the city.

2. This is a bike- and animal friendly juice bar.

3. Their ginger beer is really worth tasting because it is refreshing and delicious.

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