Best street food in Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Aug 5, 2015

What makes street food so delicious? We know some places in Budapest, where they know the answer for this question – here comes the list of our favourite street food spots. Which one would you like to visit first?


Finomító Kantin

If you would like to eat a nice hamburger with fries in the Buda side of the city, and you are near Széll Kálmán Square, we suggest you to choose Finomító Kantin. Do you prefer soups, salads or sandwiches? You can choose these, too, but the friendly place can be ideal for you even if you would like to have lemonade, or some sweet treats.

Address: 1027, Varsányi Irén Street 33., near Széll Kálmán Square

Pizza Me

It was originally called Pizza La Mamma Sofia but the name got shorter – we guess only in order to make it much easier to remember. But the taste of the pizza here makes it sure that you don’t forget the place and the gastro-experience, and that you want to come back as soon as possible.

Address: Fashion Street, Deák Square 3.

Hot Dog Cold Beer

Just like their name says it, they serve hot dogs and cold beer. They are using high quality meat placed in a preheated bun, which can be topped with variety of salads and sauces. They also serve corn dogs (sausages coated in cornmeal batter), Crispy-dog and tornado chips flavoured with different spices. They have special desserts, as well: Snickers, Mars or Bounty coated in cornmeal batter and deep fried. If you would like to have a good beer, you can choose from high quality local and imported beers, too.

Address: Zrínyi Street 14 and Király Street 13., at Gozsdu Court

Magic Burger

The food here is delicious, and you can choose from a nearly infinite variety of burgers. There are four types of buns, nine types of meat, and sixteen toppings that you can combine as you would like to. Sounds good? Wait until you taste something here, you will love it.

Address: 1116, Barázda Street 40.

Our tip: Budapest Bakering, the most creative street food ever

Street food stalls looking like mini vehicles of public transport in Budapest? If you see something like that, be sure that you have met one of the three vending stalls of Budapest Bakering, modelling a tram, a trolley and a bus. If you see it in the streets, mostly in the 7th district, don’t miss the possibility to buy a “Ring”, which is really delicious.


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