BRKLYN – Small piece of the USA, not only for fans
Posted by Mia Balogh · Aug 19, 2015

BRKLYN is a new spot in the well known party district of Budapest, but it is much more than a restaurant offering delicious street food, or a place to go out with your friends.    

Named after Brooklyn, the bustling part of New York, BRKLYN brings a small part of the USA to Budapest. If you like American staff, but you don’t know the name of this restaurant yet, it is not the fault of your memory: the place opened only a few days ago, on 7-8 August with a party weekend, so it is a real newcomer to the list of clubs, bars, ruin pubs and restaurants of the popular party district in the downtown of Budapest.

If you hear the name ‘Brooklyn’ you might think of the fact, that this part of New York is a real melting pot, accepting and inviting everybody, no matter who they might be, where they might come from. This part of the city is full of interesting things and values, for example openness, variegation, creativity, inspiration, or gastronomic values just like really good street food.

BRKLYN is this kind of melting pot in Budapest, where you can find new friends and meet the old ones, as well. It is a place, where you are welcome and accepted, as you are.

The interior design of BRKLYN follows the nowadays so fashionable industrial style, but the designers decided to cheer it up a little bit. So they used corkwood, bricks and yellow painted bar stools. We suggest you to check out the terrace, as well, where you can enjoy a conversation and of course a beer, or a glass of rose fröccs.

BRKLYN is not only a restaurant and a meeting point for friends – it intends to be also an important part of the city’s cultural life, so they give the possibility to young artists and musicians to introduce themselves. It is often said that hip hop ruled the music scene in Brooklyn for a while, but nowadays electronic music and DJs are more and more popular. So in, BRKLYN they also plan to have more nights with electronic music and DJs, but for those guests, who like different music styles, they will invite funky, jazz and soul artists to concert.

There is one more question left for us, but it is a really important one. What to eat in BRKLYN? Well, if you like street food, choose a well-established hamburger or hot dog, but you will have the chance to taste barbeque, steak, duck meat, or the nice cocktails offered by the place. Prices are mid-range, but if you are looking for the best value for your money in the party district, we think that you have already found it in BRKLYN.

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