10 Minutes of New York
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Aug 21, 2015

Usually we offer some domestic, Hungarian style restaurant due to our thematic, but we can’t go by New York Minute without saying a word.

Sometimes it pays to venturing farther out the busy city center: that’s how we found a pinch of America between the checkered tablecloth taverns. New York Minute is a fairly new participant of the capital's restaurants palette. Not too surprisingly, the American line is evidenced not only in the name but in the interior design and the assortment of food too. The restaurant was created explicitly for the lovers and fanatics of the American tastes with the aim of offering high-quality, high standard, and what is very important: additives-free real hotdogs, burgers and other American delicacies.

The menu includes food as Cheese soup with tortilla and bacon chips; Cheddar cheese stuffed, fried jalapeno pepper; Philadelphia cream cheese balls; variable 32 cm pizzas, American waffle, Oreo in sweet coat (!) or New York Minute Cheesecake. As a starter we can eat Mac & cheese, American children's favorite dish; Chicken wings and fried snacks of all kinds: wrap, chili beans, BBQ meats are also given. The sandwiches are available in 3 sizes, and made according to your own taste. Hot dogs, hamburgers and salad are basics as well of course.

What I regret now I haven’t tasted is the milkshake, because in addition to the classic flavors there are vanilla ice cream and Coke flavored shake (this is one shake) and a secret recipe of 5 dollars. From this wide lineup I ate a medium sized sandwich with rucola salad, cucumber, bacon and mustard, Oreo in sweet coat and drank a vanilla flavored Dr Pepper which I have never tasted before.

The size of both meals exceeded my expectations. The sandwich was huge and cut in half: fortunately, I had some help in the consuming; otherwise it would have left no room for the dessert. The sandwich itself was delicious by the way: fresh vegetables and real homemade bread. And then came the only thing I actually went in for: the Oreo in sweet coat. They whisper it in the city to exist for some week, but it was hard to believe. I don’t even know how to describe the taste. Sweet. You can feel the Oreo. But the most characteristic flavor is the sweet coat, which is like a crispy, fried, sweet, oily pancake dough. So the combination of these three creates something quite unique that I can’t compare to anything. The only minor drawback for me is that it’s a heavy food: I could eat only two of them.

Overall, it can be said: although only 10 people can hold up comfortably in the US-style small room, but it’s your place if your weak point is the American gastronomy. If you're curious, visit their website: http://newyorkminute.hu or come and join here: 1031 Budapest, Vízimolnár u. 10.

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