Gluten free rings sold from mini transport vehicles
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Apr 20, 2016

New design and new rings in the offer.

If you’ve never heard about Budapest Bakering, than you’re not a regular reader of us (shame on you!), but it’s the coolest street food of Budapest. If you know the base information, skip to the next paragraph. For the rest of you: imagine that there are some street food stalls in Budapest that look like mini public transport vehicles. The owner combined the street food trend conquering Western Europe with the well-known vendor carriages of the east pushed by hand. But Budapest Bakering is special not only in its look: you can’t taste such food as the so-called "Ring" perhaps anywhere else in the whole world. And this is something you must try. Rings are not bagel although they look like. They are some kind of closed, stuffed sandwiches and are filled with different kind of cheese, chocolate, fruits, meat, veggies and everything you can imagine.

So the new things are the following: there have been three different vending stalls in the past one year, but few days ago the fourth vehicle arrived! As the vending stalls are modeling the iconic vehicles of the Budapest transport company (they already had a bus, a tram and a trolleybus design cart) the new member couldn’t be anything else but an old-school metro.


And there is more: the funny carriages introduced their first gluten-free rings for flour and lactose intolerant people. The only difference (besides the obvious one) is that safe-rings are not stuffed as their siblings, the flavoring is mixed in the dough. They pay attention to the maximum both during the baking and the transportation. The gluten-free rings are packaged separately and they are stored in a separate plastic box on the cart. Currently there are three types of gluten-free ring:

  • apple & chocolate drops flavored
  • cranberry & sunflower seeds
  • and the inevitable salty flavor of the olives & dried tomatoes

If you’d like to taste the new or the old ones, walk with open eyes in the city center: the mini vehicles circulate all day. And a tip if you want to play it safe: there is a map on their website about the current location of the carts here.


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