Champagne in June: These are the best Hungarian sparkling wines
Posted by Ágnes Taraszovics · Jun 6, 2016

No. 1 program tip for sparkling wine lovers.

For me, sparkling wine is a meaning of life: those waggish bubbles, the fruity taste and happiness… this could be the definition of this wonderful drink. And I'm not alone with this enthusiasm: Champagne in June will be held this weekend, on 11 June.

Our country has a strong tradition in sparkling wine production. Recently, the traditional sparkling wines appear more and more often in the offer of big wineries, and more and more winemakers produce aerated sparkling and semi-sparkling wine. Fortunately, the sparkling wine is no longer bound to December and New Year's Eve. People started to consider this fizzy drink as something perfect on a warm summer day as well.

The aim of Champagne in June event is to guide the attention to sparkling and semi-sparkling wines. The Winelover group wishes to strengthen the summer season by promoting the consumption of these beverages, outline the domestic supply, and provide tastings of international selection. The Grand Tasting event on 11 June in Corinthia Hotel Budapest brings and presents wineries, catering facilities, dealers and specialty shops.

Before this big event, judges chose the best rose and white sparkling wines from 22 traditional kinds made with the original Champagne method. During the three master classes of the event, we can master topics with experts and meet the finest sparkling wine cellars, thus we can become an expert ourselves.

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