Dublin is the newest fan of Hungarian lángos
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jul 7, 2016

The delicious and very popular Hungarian street food has conquered another big city in the world.

After the so-called “lángos-burger”, the mix of the Hungarian lángos and the American hamburger has become a real hit in Brooklyn, we can tell you about another success-story concerning lángos: it is getting more and more popular in Dublin now.

The deep-fried dough that can be topped usually with sour cream and cheese started its Irish carrier thanks to István Keller, who moved to Dublin with his fiancée and opened a small stall called Hungry Hungarian there.

Besides goulash soup and lángos, they make stuffed lángos and stuffed cabbage, cold fruit and peach soup with ice cream, and the most surprising items on their menu, which might be the fruity-nutella lángos.

The Hungry Hungarian recently got a big opportunity by getting a small stand at a big festival in downtown of Dublin, where lángos could reach the heart - and of course the stomach - of many new fans.

Read more about lángos-burger here: http://budnews.hu/news/Gastronomy/628/langos-burger-is-the-newest-sensation-in-brooklyn

Source and photos: http://www.szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu/oriasi-siker-a-magyar-langos-dublinban-2/

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