5 reasons to try Ocean Beach Budapest
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jul 13, 2016

Ocean Beach opened its gates a couple of months ago but still is one of the most extraordinary cocktail bar in Budapest. We have some reasons why you should definitely visit this spot.

1, 600 m² of ocean beach indoors? Yes, and you can find it right in the city centre, in the always buzzing Váci Street. By entering the place, you discover the first thing why this spot is so extraordinary: the entrance is a shark’s mouth! After the first surprise, you make one or two more steps, and will certainly feel amazed by the sparkling white African sand on the floor with thatched beach umbrellas and lounge chairs.

2, Ocean Beach Budapest seems to be pretty small at first sight, but then you will realise that they have plenty of seats – 100, to be correct. If you longed for a romantic chitchat you can sit down upstairs, or plan an evening visit, when candles and music make this exotic spot even more romantic.

3, It is a cocktail bar officially so we suggest you to try their cocktails first. You can choose between several drinks, most of them around 1500 HUF and these are really good. And the bonus: if you pay for two cocktails, you will get the third for free.

4, Exotic cocktail bar with Hungarian roots – why not? You can order a hot and spicy goulash in bread bowl and try their cakes their special cakes, made with paprika, Tokaji aszú wine or Unicum. If you would like to enjoy a gastro-adventure, this is the right place for you to do so.

5, Are you looking for some refreshment? Ask for a specially flavoured coffee, a sundae, an icy lemonade, a shake or a fruity smoothie. Whatever you choose, we are sure that you will feel satisfied in the end.

OCEAN Beach Budapest opening hours:

M-T 12:30-22:30

FRI 12:30-23:30

SAT 12:00-23:30

SUN 12:00-23:30


1052 Budapest, Váci street 42.

Phone: +36 70 666 1111

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