Dog Bakery opened in Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Nov 2, 2016

The question here is not whether the dog can come in, but whether the owners.

First we heard about dog bakery some years ago. This strange thing comes from the US and we thought: nice idea, but man, is there really demand for this? Well, yes. In Hungary, there were several places, cute startups, bakeries made exclusively for dogs, but they didn’t last long. But Flash Dog Bakery seems to refute our skepticism. The place opened last September and since then they not only keep afloat, but opened their new store in Buda (after the original Pest unit).

Actually, now that we took a closer look at the offer, felt the need of something tasty. Cinnamon rolls, chicken liver pie, pumpkin cookies, peanut butter carrot cake… we had to remind each other that these delicacies are not for human.

Tímea Jókai, the founder of Flash Dog Bakery revealed the secret of their success:

„Once, years ago I read the ingredient label of a doggy treat. I was totally disappointed! That was the point when I decided to bake the treats myself for my dog. At the beginning I experimented with my own dog and the dog of friends and was quite surprised when noticed that my boyfriend stole the bakeries from the dog. So even these treats have no sugar or salt in them – they are practically tasteless for human – they are perfectly suitable for human consumption."

So suitable that the following case happened: a dog owner bought a cinnamon roll, but somehow ate it on the go and came back to buy another for his dog! And if it’s not enough, they have a regular customer, who doesn’t even have a dog… So it’s not surprising at all, that some curious people get seduced by the unsweetened chicken liver "pupcake", filled with peanut butter and vanilla cream cheese. These products doesn’t contain preservatives and additives, which cannot really be said about human food.

But of course, the main "customer base" are dogs: Flash Dog Bakery often holds doggy birthday parties, when the dogs play in the adjoining small garden while the owners may buy some birthday presents (collars, sweaters, caps, etc) in the shop.

Tímea found the recipes on the web, and developed them to be perfect for dogs. Although she has some really unique specialties (as the upcoming dog macaron), the pet owners don’t take risks at first. They go for sure: buy something with meat, and when they ascertain that the pet likes it, only then try something unique like the harmony biscuits with lavender. Birthday cakes are also popular, and many customers like the apple or carrot flavored "pupcake".

Maybe we’re gonna try them – won’t be the first, right?

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