3+1 treats we tried from Hard Rock Cafe’s vegetarian menu
Posted by Mia Balogh · Nov 4, 2016

Hard Rock Cafe was typically NOT the place where guests wanted to eat vegetarian dishes, but now - as they made their menu “greener” -, it has definitely changed.

If I think of Hard Rock Cafe, there are two things that come into my mind instantly: good rock music and fantastic hamburgers. We don’t have to deny that patties served in their burgers are legendary (and not only in their Legendary Burgers). That’s why they surprised me a little bit, when I was invited to enjoy a food tasting – from their vegetarian treats, newcomers on their menu.

Let me tell you sincerely, I couldn’t imagine ordering a salad in the restaurant where I normally binge on burgers. Only one thing seemed to be more impossible: hearing the beats of a Justin Bieber hit song in this shrine of rock music (#sorrynotsorry). So I decided to ask for a hamburger anyway, and I hoped for a really good vegetarian burger.

After arriving and greeting my acquaintances (both working for the restaurant chain), we decided to take a look at the vegetarian menu card. I have to tell you, it was really impressive.

At first glance, I was very uncertain what to order, because everything seemed to be so fresh and delicious. So after a short chitchat about the possibilities, we have ordered a Buffalo cauliflower, a Quinoa Burger, a Cauliflower Burger and a Pico De Quinoa Arugula salad.

We got everything in 20 minutes (I guess it must have taken much less time than that) and we made some photos before the first bites. Buffalo Cauliflower was the first we tried and although it gives the impression of a course with meal, it is only a visual thing, because after tasting these small pieces on the plate, you will feel that it is spicy cauliflower, prepared perfectly.

There are three steps concerning the spiciness and at first, I thought I will be brave enough to choose the strongest, stage 3 spicing called Heavy Metal but after I was warned that it is quite heavy (yes, the name is perfect), I choose the second stage, ‘middle spicy’ – that was awesome.

Quinoa Burger and Cauliflower Burger looked just perfect. We asked our waiter to cut both of the burgers in a half, and after, we tasted these. The only thing we could say was ‘wow’. The first one – made with homemade quinoapatties, pecan nuts, Portobello mushroom and cheddar cheese – was a little bit more filling than the Cauliflower Burger made with zucchini, pumpkin, oregano and garlic, for example.

In the end, our tummies were so pleasantly satisfied that we could eat only a few bites of the Pico De Quinoa Arugula salad. I wanted to say no for this but it seemed to be so delicious – and actually, it was. Did you know that dried cranberries are really good with feta cheese, pecan nuts and Brussels sprouts? Well, they do. You should try it, for example at Hard Rock Cafe, accompanied by a nice vegetarian cocktail (I made a promise to myself to try one these in December, when my boyfriend will have a concert there).

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