Up to Heaven
Posted by Bálint Gábor Dömök · Apr 17, 2014

Nightlife of Budapest is more than intense. The city is as exciting as it gets in daytime but when the night comes, it's a whole new thrilling experience. Roaming the old dark streets and the glaring boulevards full of people easily makes you dizzy, especially if you had a few shots of pálinka. Or rum maybe. Nightime in Budapest is a unique lifestyle itself. Particularly if you're on the top!


Streetlife is great here. For example in some parts of district 7, the stomping crowd usually holds up even the public transport. Yeas, big old trolleybuses sometimes have to wait for even ten minutes till the mass reaches the other side of the street. Sounds like a real party, right? But if you want more, there is something else: getting on the top floor! Let us introduce to you just a few of the coolest rooftop bars of Budapest!

photo: www.facebook.com/tiptopbar

Stairway to the top

The Terasz - Our first stop is between the classy, charming quarter of Tabán and the giant rock called Gellért Hill: the top of Sun Hill (Naphegy). Here you can find the best sunbathing terrace and leisure club with a tremendous atmosphere. The place is expecting you every day from 10:00 am and it's open until 3:00 am. You can have brakfast, lunch or dinner too. So have a nice supper sitting cozily on the terrace enjoying the sunset and the beautiful sight of the city of Pest. After you have tried the jacuzzi in the company of nice ladies and smiling gentlemen, share a bottle of blood red wine from Vinopolis with somebody you like and be part of a sentimental, endless night in the old town of Buda! You just have to choose a banana yellow chequered Mercedes-Benz and ask the driver to take you to Naphegy street 67. Buses number 8, 112, 178 can take you there, or you can walk up from the tram stops of Döbrentei square. May I ask what are you waiting for?

photo: www.facebook.com/terasz

the Terasz – early evening

Tip Top Bar - Now let's go to the real Downtown! Yes, this part of district 5 is literally called Dowtown (Belváros). In Királyi Pál street (near Egyetem square) you can find one of the coolest places called Tip Top Bar. Multiple styles meet there. It's a classy place filled with freedom. The roof of easy elegance is open from Wednesday till Saturday between 4:00 pm and 11:00 pm. Have a fine, delicious @budapest bägel here with your friends in the evening, then loosen yourselves up for the rest of the night with some fine Hungarian spirit watching the greatest classic downtown view! You can use the good old metro line M3 and the postmodern M4, or - since Budapest's tram system is one of the biggest ones in the world - you can choose three tram lines (number 47, 48, 49) to get here, not to mention the blue buses or red trolleybuses. Just don't forget to get off at Kálvin square!


Tip Top Bar – getting started

Corvintető – Wow. Welcome to the jungle. (Don't be scared of course.) Corvintető isn't in Corvin Quarter. It's called that because it's on the top of Corvin Mall (Watch for the big sign!) which you can find on Blaha Lujza square, the border of district 7 and district 8. This neighbourhood is a little piece of Nigeria, Berlin, Jamaica, London, India, Juárez, China or even Baghdad. Whatever you want. Fine urban area, just don't think about wondering around on the Eastern side of Grand Boulevard there. If you do and you survive, you'll do fine anywhere in the world. Anyway, the club is hardcore! A typical colourful underground joint – only it's above the ground. Jump into the crowd, get infected by the beating music and use some hard drinks with some cold home brewed Soproni, of course in reason. The sweletring night begins at 10:00 pm and ends at 6:00 am from Wednesday till Saturday. How to get here? Tram line number 4-6 is one of the busiests in the world and it has a stop here at Blaha Lujza square and metro line M2 also has one. Or if you choose metro line M4 get off at Rákóczi Square and walk up north for a few minutes, but several buses can take you here instantly. Are you ready?

photo: facebook.com/corvinteto

Corvintető - quiet before storm

Gellért Hill - And here's a little odd-one-out. It isn't a club, but you can't miss Gellért Hill. Get a small bottle of the world famous Hungarian spirit Unicum with your friends, and clink your glasses starting the party looking at the greatest view of the metropolis of Budapest! Metro line M4 has a stop called Szent Gellért square (and so do several tram lines), get off there and take a hike up! Or get on the bus number 27 on the northern side of the hill. Meet you on the top!

photo: www.erbse2006.blogspot.hu

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