Nations’ cuisine in Budapest – part 1
Posted by Budnews · Dec 16, 2016

Everyone knows Chinese, French and Spanish restaurants, but what about the rest of nations?

Every country has its typical dishes, but many of them are pushed into the background in the world of culinary. We think it’s a huge mistake! That’s why we decided to introduce the “black sheep” of cuisine. We start with some post-soviet countries: here comes a completely subjective list of places we love.


Café zsivágó – It’s not a restaurant but a cozy tea and cafe shop, where time has stopped a century ago. Like we’re in one of Puskin’s drama. Their teas are unforgettable and this is almost the only place in town where they sell grog.

Arany Kaviár – Golden caviar is an elegant restaurant that is among the 10 best restaurant of the country almost every year. A bit pricey, but worth it if you prefer fine dining.

Matrjoska bisztró is a Russian cultural bistro in the heart of the palace quarter. Their kitchen mixes the traditional Russian dishes and international fusion cuisine, and it’s definitely worth trying.


Vai Me is the first fast-food cafe chain of Georgia in Budapest. They have a real Georgian cuisine, which perfectly gets along with the fast-food form. Vai Me proves that Georgian cuisine is the food of centenarians.

Aragvi: Even the entrance of Aragvi is really unique and the interior isn’t disappointing either. The owner of Aragvi arrived to Hungary nearly 30 years ago as delegate of Georgian State, and he stayed. We’re so happy about it!

Hachapuri is the first fine dining Georgian restaurant in the heart of Budapest. It represents the best of our authentic Caucasian cousins with modern and cozy atmosphere and with direct view on St. Stephan’s Basilica.


Yans Pub - The city’s first Armenian restaurant awaits with Armenian food specialties and the award-winner Ararat cognac that will surely gain your approval.

Yerevan is for sweet-toothed people: here you will find unique flavored, homemade pastries and the best Armenian cakes. Yummie!

And if you’re still hungry: plenty of good places are yet to come. We’ll be back!

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