5 spots for the best vegan sweets and breakfasts in town
Posted by Mia Balogh · Feb 6, 2017

If you are vegan, or just open to taste some nice vegan breakfasts and desserts in Budapest, read on – we give you some tips where to go for these healthy treats.

Great Bistro

We know three things about the Great Bistro: it opens at 7 am, offers 100% vegan (with plenty of gluten-free options) breakfast and lunch possibilities, and that everyone should taste their breakfasts. All is bio and made without chemical additives (or anything like this) added.

Address: 5th district, Bank Street 6. (near Szabadság Square)

Vegan Sweet Life Confectionery – Vegán Édes Élet Cuki

For sweet treats made without adding any sugar, animal derivatives, gluten, milk or egg, you should visit Vegan Sweet Life Confectionery – you will love it. Try their chestnut zserbó or plum linzer, both taste really good. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask the staff: they can answer everything concerning the cakes because all the sweets are made by their own recipes. Sweet, isn’t it? ;)

Address: 13th district, Pannónia Street 3.

Naspolya Snackery – Naspolya Nassolda

Naspolya was the first place in Hungary, where gluten-, lactose-, egg- and sugar free raw cakes were available to anyone. Everything is manufactured at the snackery – it is more than a confectionary: a place where you can buy cakes, snacks and so much more –, from natural ingredients and they have so many tasty things that it is really hard to enhance only one. But if we think of their breakfast, we could highlight the apple-goji granola and maybe their ‘super cocoa drink’, as well.

Address: 6th district, Káldy Gyula Street 7. (at St. Stephen’s Basilica)

Bright Side – Napos Oldal

‘Always look on the bright side of life’ – says the song, and if you arrive to the cozy Napos Oldal, and taste some delicious meal, you won’t only sing the song but you will feel yourself on the bright side, too. The spot is a restaurant, a confectionary and a bio store all in one, so their offer is larger. You can order salads, millet balls (instead of meat balls), baked vegetables or some pieces of delicious raw vegan cakes, sugar free pies or zserbó. Besides, you can choose something from their gluten- and soy free offer – it is really worth it!

Address: 6th district, Jókai Street 7.

La Delizia

La Delizia is ‘officially’ a biscuit manufacturer but you can find here also some vegan sweets. We suggest you to try their paleo-vegan cheesecakes in both tastes: raspberry and hazelnut are both so yummy. The place is perfect for starting a ladies’ night of for a romantic evening with your partner.

Address: 6th district, Jókai Street 13. and 13th district, Pozsonyi Road 7.

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