Amber’s French Bakery & Café
Posted by Mia Balogh · May 3, 2017

Try the baguettes, croissants, tarts or éclairs and enjoy the illusion of being in Paris. We tried Amber’s French Bakery & Café and it was love for the first bite. 

If you take a walk at Fővám Square, don’t miss Amber’s French Bakery & Café. The urban atmosphere of this place – in our opinion, the combination of a confectionary, a bakery and a café – is softened by some vintage design elements and some details imitating the French countryside.

Their selection offers a multitude of colourful, creamy cakes, sandwiches, salty baked goods, and one of the city’s best éclairs. They use natural ingredients and work with artisan products. No additives, artificial ingredients or taste enhancers are utilised and their range of products changes from season to season.

If you can visit the place, try any of their croissants or the Croque Monsieur, which is excellent and enough for one person (even if you are hungry). We suggest you to drink a hot coffee, a home-made syrup or a strawberry lemonade – the last one is absolutely nice and refreshing.

This spot is chic, modern with acceptable prices for the city centre, but also friendly and a little bit romantic (thanks to the design). Very Frenchie! ;)

Our tips:

If the weather is nice, you can also enjoy their terrace. You can see the Danube and the Great Market Hall from there, it has a special atmosphere (but it can be a little bit noisy). And yes, you can pay with euros but it’s good to know that they will give back the change in Forints.


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