Newest bakery of Budapest just opened: this is ’Három Tarka Macska’
Posted by Budnews · May 10, 2017

Artisan bakery with delicacies from carefully selected flours. They stir, knead, bake all bakery products on the spot. Crispy, fresh breads, cocoa pies, croissants, cakes, nice coffee.

Pozsonyi street is a must-have for all gastro fans. It became a breakfast-hub in the past few years, and the newest shop, Három Tarka Macska (Three Mottled Cat) fits perfectly into this neighborhood. The bakery opened at the beginning of April, but do not be fooled by the name: there is three black cat on the logo, so don’t go any further if you see them.

Három Tarka Macska is real bakery. It’s not a „show” one, not a franchise, the don’t have cupcakes or unicorn shakes, but they do have one of the best bread of the city. The bread is made with real leaven, the rye bread contains 70% of rye, and the baguette is exactly the same you would by in Paris. By the way, the whole place has some Parisian feeling. Mainly because of the high-quality bakery products, but also because of it’s friendly, nice surrounding. And because Pierre, the baker's „conductor” who is French and you can often hear him behind the scenes.

The place has young and trendy design hidden lanterns and wood ceiling. You can buy not only for take-away, but you can sit down and enjoy the smell of freshly baked bread while eating your breakfast. They work with 10 different types of flours that comes from a French mill. The offer is really wide: they have rustic buns, crescent rolls, that are exactly the same we remember from our childhood, baguettes, morning menus, so it’s even perfect for a Sunday brunch.

In summary: the gastronomic district called Pozsonyi street has expanded with another wonderful place. We strongly recommend!

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