Émile Restaurant: a real “once in a lifetime” opportunity
Posted by Budnews · May 22, 2017

We found our new favorite place on the Buda side.

If we recommend a restaurant or catering facilities in Budapest, we tend to concentrate on the downtown of Pest, although there are some treasures on the Buda side as well. For example Émile, this beautiful, cozy, warm restaurant in Pasarét, that takes place in a beautiful villa.

The name of the place is after Gerbeaud’s first name so it is easy to connect it with its partner in Pest, but it’s more than that. A restaurant, a confectionery with a pastry shop and a café are also found in the villa, moreover there is a play empire for children at Émile playroom on the ground floor. Between spring and autumn, guests can enjoy the amazing ambience of the garden where comfortable cabanas and family atmosphere provide relaxation.

As for the food: they have excellent Hungarian breakfast offer (fried foie gras cream, aged mangalica pork and salami, homemade sausage, goat’s cheese cream with herbs, sheep’s cheese with ramsons, boiled egg, crispy vegetables, freshly baked loaf), the green pea soup with cream cheese crisp is completely unique and the citrus marinated salmon with avocado is also above average.

They also offer take-away cakes and we highly recommend tasting their own ÉMILE '17, which is the new version of their previous Émile cake with delicious white peach cream and pomegranate jelly on vanille flavored financier sponge, with cocoa bean crisp and almond-white chocolate mousse.

And that’s the point where I’m done writing. I feel urgent need for a cake... See you there!

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