3+1 Hungarian gastro festivals for this summer
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jun 1, 2017

Beer, street food, fruity treats – our favourite summer snacks and drinks, right? Let us present you shortly some nice gastro festivals, where we all can enjoy these delicacies. 

Hamburger Days

Are you a fan of hamburgers? Well, we are. That’s why we can’t miss Hamburger Days, which will be organized this year between 1 and 4 June at WestEnd City Centre. Enjoy the perfect occasion to taste old and new favourite burgers, craft beers and palinka (of course) and free entry.

More info: http://www.hamburgerday.hu/english.html

Inner City Beer Festival - Belvárosi Sörfesztivál

Hungarian, imported or craft beer – which one of these do you prefer? Anyway, we are sure that if you like beer, you will enjoy Inner City Beer Festival at Szabadság Square, from 15 to 18 June. Entry is free but to begin tasting, you should buy your own festival glass.

More info, in Hungarian: https://beerporn.hu/program/belvarosi-sorfesztival/

ChardonÉJ in Etyek

If you would like to do something special on the shortest night of the year, 24 June, don’t miss ChardonÉJ in Etyek. ChardonÉJ’s name is formed from the popular wine ‘Chardonnay’ and the word ÉJ that means ‘night’. So the St. Ivan’s Night can be the night of Chardonnay for you, as well: enjoy as much as you want from this wine (and as you can handle) and also a Random Trip concert. Tickets are available for 9800 HUF which includes the bus transfer between Budapest and Etyek.

More info, in Hungarian: https://www.facebook.com/events/1896047507345444/

VI. Hungarian Apricot Fiesta

We couldn’t imagine a better beginning for one of the hottest summer months, than the Hungarian Apricot Fiesta, which will be organized on the first weekend of July in Boldogkőváralja. If you love Hungarian apricots, you can eat a lot of it here, and you can also enjoy palinka, cocktails, freshly made jams. The ‘foodie fiesta’ will be completed by several family-friendly programs, and of course some music and dance.

More info: http://www.goncibarack.hu/english/

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