New Peruvian restaurant opened: Inka Grill Bistro
Posted by Budnews · Jun 15, 2017

The Peruvians living here found new haunt, which can only mean one thing.

Ráday street is the gastronomic center of the city. Here you can find Serbian, Belgian, Asian, Syrian, Spanish, Italian and even Persian restaurants and now it has a new flagship: a Peruvian. Inka Grill Bistro the place we’re talking about opened few weeks ago. The owners, Milagros and Carlos are living here for 20 years, but never found a place that offers home tastes. So they made one! Carlos boarded a flight, went home, and came back with a chef and a special oven. The rest, as they say, is history.

According to the original concept, only barbecued chicken would have been baked in the huge machine, which is a great favorite of the Peruvians, but then the plan has changed. Now the menu has several pages but still not because of the huge variety: they only have 6 main courses and 2 desserts. The menu is long, because they introduce every meal in details. Which is a great thing, because – honestly – how many of you could tell what ceviche is exactly?

Anticucho (beef steak) is based on Milagros’ family recipe, just as picarones (a donut-like food with pumpkin, sweet potato, anise, served with honey and figs). Jalea de pescado (wolf trout), Peruvian potato casserole and ceviche are also worth tasting. If you get thirsty, taste chicha morada, this deep red, lemonade-like drink, which contains the essence of a typical crop of Peru: the purple maize.

By tasting the dishes and listening to Carlos's explanation, one can learn that the Peruvian cuisine is fresh, spicy and fusional. There are plenty of African and Chinese influences that are mixed with local ingredients such as various corn, pepper, fish, and the 2500 different types of potatoes. Milagros and Carlos bring a lot of ingredients from Peru, from which we can even buy: they have a mini-delicatessen shop on the bistro's shelves.

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