The tastes of the Far-East: Imázs restaurant
Posted by Réka Szentesi · Apr 28, 2014

„Bring energy to your food, good health to your life.” – says the slogan of Budapest based Japanese-Thai restaurant, Imázs.

We have spent a wonderful lunch at Imázs, whose philosophy is based on the faith in top quality ingredients and health-consciousness. Uniquely in Europe, Imázs has brought together the most sophisticated kitchen technology with traditional Japanese and fusional Thai gastronomy, with the help of a Thai chef. A great encounter of East and West, Imázs restaurant offers Japanese and Thai as well as European plates, which all without exception are freshly made. This mélange of two cultures, that occurs in the place’s homelike, yet elegant interior design as well, brings an exciting medley of tastes.

I ordered beef bits served with vegetables and Thai rice, sprinkled with peanuts. Not a very brave choice, but I was very satisfied with what I got: a proper amount of fresh and tasty food. The plate was a great combination of Thai and European tastes, spicy and hot only to the perfect extent.

Located in the heart of the city center, the restaurant can be easily reached. Not far from the Hungarian State Opera House, Imázs can be found in a peaceful, quiet walking area: Hajós Street. It can be a great choice for an easy lunch during your sightseeing tour, but don’t hesitate if you are looking for a good place for your business dinner either. Tripadvisor’s number one restaurant in the sushi, Japanese and Thai category offers fine dining and relaxation for a reasonable price. Enjoy the great Budapest spring weather outside on the terrace, or take seat inside the restaurant, where excellent live music entertains the guests during the evening hours.

Among the great food, Imázs offers a wide selection of cocktails. Don’t miss the famous „Casanova” hot chocolate either, which is made from South-American chocolate beans and is said to be a perfect aphrodisiac.

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