Sandwich is not boring! Newest fine dining sandwich place just opened to prove it
Posted by Budnews · Aug 11, 2017

Dear Budapest was born under the supervision of a Michelin star chef.

In the past few years all basic food of our childhood has been renewed. Hamburgers, for example were something fast and not so good solution for hunger – not it’s one of the trendiest thing to eat thanks to its high quality. Something like that happens with sandwiches these days. A new place, Dear Budapest has born and introduced the Danish rich flavored sandwiches to the city. The special sandwich place brought the refined taste and form of the Danish „Smørrebrød”, the "open sandwiches" to Budapest.

The opening offer was made by a Michelin star chef, Olivér Heiszler. We can choose from a total of 8 different sandwiches, vegetarian and fish version included. The owners gave Olivér a free hand creating the menu, but had one demand. As they follow Scandinavian traditions, they would like to have a variety of fish sandwiches. This is how the classic smoked salmon - mascarpone with dill sandwich born, or the unique smoked mackerel - mango - peanut butter variety.

They only use fresh, quality raw materials and make all the ingredients, creams and decorations in their kitchen. Believe it or not, the most difficult thing to find was the perfect bread: the white breads dried out quickly during cooling, others were too lazy, so the sauces crept over. Finally, the perfect bread was found in the Marmorstein bakery.

The menu shows three main ingredients per sandwich, which allows the guest to imagine the flavor, but it is common to have up to five or six different topping on one sandwich. The prices of sandwiches are 890 HUF (less than 3 Euros) and you can taste – next to the above mentioned - duck liver mousse based sandwich with grape and mango mustard or the Buffala-spinach-pistachio one. In addition to the unique sandwiches, there is also suki tea on the menu, of which 4 dl costs 650 HUF (~2 Euros), and the wine and coffee range is also wide.

Dear Budapest is planning to make a continual change in the menu, every three to six months or every season, and to work with other chefs who will combine their own unique flavor with the gastronomy of different cultures. The most important philosophy of Dear Budapest (in addition to diversity and high quality) is that every meal - even the smallest - is a celebration. Even such a common thing as a sandwich can and should be exciting and characteristic, and yes, their ones are something unforgettable.

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