Posted by Bálint Gábor Dömök · Apr 28, 2014

Dunaparty Megálló - There is a lost bus stop on the western coast of the southside's industrial quarter. A bus stop where buses never arrive at. There aren't any departures either. They're just waiting for you, come rain or come shine. Instead of a timetable, you can find here fulfilling food, quality drinks and fine music. Not to mention the great parties at night.

So what is this joint anyway? At first sight it's a spacious open air buffet with a lot of seats and tables on the coast of the Danube. There are two old decomissioned Routemasters parking on the wharf. You know, London's classic red double-decker buses, only with chopped off roofs. One for the food, one for the booze. You can enjoy the great view of the river and the unique sight of the huge smoke-stacks of Csepel from the upper deck of the old buses!


What can you get here? You can have several kinds of hot scones, even some rare specialities of its kind. Or do you prefer fried fish? You can choose between extra spicy or classic with french fries and delicious cucumber. Sounds good? Then how about some tasy pancakes or ice cream for dessert? Whatever you want!


Let's drink something! Ice cold bottled or draught beers, juices, lemonade, mineral water and tea are here to soothe your thirst. If you feel a little tired, pep things up with a strong cup of coffee or start the party with good quality wines or some hard drinks! How about the usual pálinka? Or if you'd like to choose something lighter, there's the good old fröccs!


Speaking of parties, just wait until the evening. Occasionally Dunaparty Megálló turns to an outdoor club. Great music, colourful crowd, and hot summer nights coming!


And summer is just about to start, so get yourself in action! Don't forget to bring your friends and show them the spirit of hot nights of Budapest.

This special bus stop is open from 12:00 am on weekdays (on weekends from 10:00 am) until the fun goes on! Of course kids can have their fun too: there is a little playground for them here. Not to mention the whole place is dog friendly, so you can bring them with you too.

photo: www.hiddentreasuresbudapest.wordpress.com_2

How to get here? It's easy, thanks to the efficent public trasport system. You just have to get off at Savoya Park, the final station of tram number 18 (or blue bus lines number 141, 158 or 250). Then it will get a little adventurous. After you got off the tram, follow the exact same direction (east) the tracks would follow. There is an abandoned crossing on the road (traffic lights are out of order), try not to get hit by a truck! Then you'll see a big blue sticker with white text 'Dunaparty Megálló' on it on the stone fence. Then follow the route between the trees and bushes, and after a few minutes of walking you are right there. Don't be afraid, it's worth the difficulty!

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