Sausage has never been so exciting: Kishusom debuts
Posted by Budnews · Aug 21, 2017

Newest place in town is way more than a buffet with sausages!

Sausage paradise opened in the middle of Madách square in Budapest. And before you click on saying who cares, we only say one thing: reform hotdog! The craziest creations, but they’re still HOT.

Rozina Wossala dreamed big: why couldn’t we modernize the same old hot dog, paying attention to high quality and equipped with modern kitchen technology? The method is as follows: entering Kishusom first you have to choose a sausage. They have many different types, so it won’t be easy. You can have the classic frankfurter (450 HUF) or a pork sausage (550 HUF), or maybe a medium fried beef sausage (650 HUF). These sausages were born in cooperation with the Püski Manufacture, so the high-quality meat product was given, and Rozina added unique, secretive spices.

As for the buns: you can have a small classic one (250 HUF) from the master baker of Panificio il Basilico. You can also choose not to get one, if you’re on diet or something, but we think you shouldn’t miss it. We’re talking about a very buttery, soft, fantastically delicious bun… The third step is the topping. There are currently five, carefully selected combinations. Those who prefer more traditional things will find their calculations, but also those who are interested in unusual combos. It is also important that they pay extra attention to how each component is prepared. Onions and bacon, for example, are not fried in oil but dehydrated. So they become even more crunchy and delicious.

If you’re not hungry yet, don’ worry, we continue.

Of course, Kishusom has pre-invented variations if you cannot decide. The „True” version is based on the classic caramelized onion-pickles-mustard-bacon chips combo, while the Bavarian-inspired Mozart has cabbage, Reuben sauce and crispy onion in it. They have Thailand inspired hotdog called Curry with spicy curry sauce, cashew nuts, onion, marinated pineapple and the unmissable beef sausage. They have another Asian style dog too: it contains chicken liver pate, marinated vegetables, Asian cucumber and coriander. There are two types of garnish: the mayonnaise-free potato salad made with brown butter and coleslaw from purple cabbage, citrus fruits, and mustard seeds.

Ps: Keep pace for the daily dessert because it’s always divine!

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