Not only downtown has good places: Sütizz confectionary opened its doors
Posted by Budnews · Aug 25, 2017

 Here comes another reason to heading for outer parts of Buda.

We are pretty sure that as a tourist, you would never visit Őrmező, this not so beautiful, outer part of the city. Anyway, there is no problem with that part: decent people live there and metro line M4 ends in that area. So there’s no excuse to miss Sütizz, a lovely new confectionary! The place is the lovechild of József Juhos master confectioner and his former pupil, Eszter Gerő. First, they delivered French pastries, but this year finally had their own place.

They have classic and new-wave cakes as well: Eszterházy and chocolate cake sit peacefully next to its new-wave, colorful „bothers”. As for the French pastries: well-composed mousse, fruit cakes, macaron is on the menu, some with very strange code-names. These names actually cover stories: the cake version of J40 was Joci's 40th birthday cake, and the N30 was a gift from a lady named Nora. The latter contains almond mousse, lychee and raspberries, it’s light and delicate. Sütizz has 20 kinds of cookies at a time, which are made with seasonal ingredients, but without margarine and vegetable cream. This place absolutely worth the 20-minute trip from the downtown!

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