Hungarian guy impressed the US with lángos, the Hungarian scone
Posted by Budnews · Sep 18, 2017

The classic street food definitively conquered the United States.

Scone („lángos”) is one of our national foods, but did you know that you don’t have to travel here to enjoy this unique food? There is a Hungarian guy lives in California, who made his luck from this delicacy. Gábor Rill started his career at Hilton, than Waldorf Astoria followed, but at a point he decided to make his own fortune. He started his own business with chimney cakes, and although it has huge success, at a point he wanted to widen the offer.

As Gábor said to Forbes: "Three or four years ago, we sold the chimney cake from a tent. People loved it, but then we noticed that if we wanted to do a good business, we have to associate it with some salty treat, because people would rather choose salty one.” On the market of sweet street food they have to compete with many competitors, but with the salty lángos, they found the market niche.

So the scone has born: the Hungarian-American version is much less oily and the dough is lighter than the original. The vegetarian version is a bit foreign to the Hungarian stomach: avocado cream and tomato are the condiment, but it something you must try once in a lifetime. Now they dominate the Bay Area: according to Forbes, the business made 40 thousand dollar in the past 3 months. There is a constant line at their food truck, although three people serve the costumers…

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