Szamos made the impossible: became cooler and more beautiful than ever
Posted by Budnews · Sep 21, 2017

If Szamos means only marzipan to you, check out these cake miracles!

Szamos is one of the oldest Hungarian chocolate manufactory and confectionery: its history dates back to 1935. „Szamos” is a concept, and if someone wants to taste the real marzipan, they go directly to one of their shops. This long-standing company has now gone through a big „renovation”. There are tons of new, exiting, unique confectionary shops in the market, so the company did what it had to: they changed. Szamos have gone through a generational change they also have reformed their cake supply. The new offer contains „naked” cakes and sweet flower decoration, but something hasn’t changed: guarantee of high quality, and the perfection every cake deserves.

„We want to be a superpower in the cake industry!” – said Gabriella Kelényi-Szamos, and to achieve thig goal, they not only made the new type of cakes with great care, but in the 10 special shops where the newbies will be available, the staff had to participate in an extra training. So if a bride or anyone celebrating walks in, they sure will find the perfect cake for them.

Among the more and more specialized Szamos confectionaries, the shop at Böszörményi street will be "the cake shop” where you will surely find all these beauties:

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