Best new wave coffee houses of the city
Posted by Budnews · Oct 27, 2017

Big coffee house overview – part 2.

In Budapest, there is a huge culture of the cafés and this whole world. After our list about the best classic cafes last week, here come 8 new wave places that broke up with mediocrity and offer coffee from premium beans, which have impressive equipment, and where the black drink is made by skilled, passionate baristas. Now there are more than 30 specialty coffee shops in Budapest, so we made this little guide to help to choose.

My Little Melbourne was the first real new wave place in the city. It opened in 2012 and was inspired by the abundance of stellar Down Under-coffee. It’s located on Madách square, and they have their filter coffee-only shop, My Little Brew Bar the next door.

At Espresso Embassy, baristas crank out Japanese-style iced filter elixirs, and offer tastes of Ethiopian brews to curious customers. Most patrons order their drinks with freshly baked goods like chocolate babka, and you can also buy a bag of bean if you’d like.

Tamp & Pull was the first Espresso and Brew Bar in Budapest that the bartenders built up with their own hands to cater for coffee-lovers and friends. Now it has two locations and both of them are stocked with Has Bean coffee from the United Kingdom and offbeat roasts like Brazilian Yellow Bourbon.

Tényleg (’really’) is another favorite: it is run by a couple in the 9th District, and shows off fudgy Peruvian cortados and freshly-made Nutella-plum cakes. They have the best classic Italian espresso and use farm milk for the lattes.

Madal café is a mini-chain: they have three locations in the city center. They have the biggest new wave coffee house of the city, and we love this place even more since they made a vegan pasta bar for hungry coffee addicts.

Fekete: This small place at Astoria doesn’t sell pig in a poke, as they say. Its name means black, and it’s exactly what they have: coffee. The place is tiny, but we can see how the coffee is made and since this summer, Fekete also has fresh bakery products.

Kaffeine is a gemstone at the Buda side of the city. They have not only specialty coffees, but delicious sandwiches, bagels and crunchy croissants. It's an ideal place to hang out and enjoy your coffee while browsing through newspapers and books.

Kontakt has a unique attribute: it makes people chat. And we can’t imagine cooler thing than that, because this is exactly what makes a cafe real a cafe. The local specialty is Roket, which is now a separate brand, and which is a cold, drafted coffee.

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