These are the best entertainment venues in Budapest in 2018
Posted by Budnews · Mar 9, 2018

These are the favorite pubs, festivals and concert venues of local people.

It turned out, which ones are the favorite party venues, wine bars, and festival of people of Budapest. Heineken Budapest Nightlife Awards is the choice of local people: online voting has decided about the best places in 12 categories. Almost 200 competitors took place this time, and by the end of the competition more than 20,000 votes were received.

Organizers brought the event to life to highlight the places that contribute greatly to make Budapest’s image even brighter and help to make our capital a favorite weekend destination for foreigners. Budapest Nightlife Awards were designed to ensure that those who know the well-known night clubs the best – local people – get the opportunity to list their favorites and highlight their opinion.

The places competed in 12 categories, and the audience could vote online for their three favorite places in each category between December 27 and February 22. Weighted votes and categories allowed smaller places to have a good chance of making a prize. Let’s see the winners:

Best Party Organizer

1. Next Level Budapest

2. Black Trap

3. Citymatiné

Best Festival in Budapest

1. Sziget Festival

2. Belvárosi Festival

3. Kolorádó Festival

Best Wine Bar

1. Wine&U

2. Divino

3. Kadarka

Best Craft Brasserie

1. Kandalló

2. Neked csak Dezső

3. First Craft Beer & BBQ

Best Outdoor Place

1. Budapest Park

2. Pontoon

3. Barba Negra

Best Concert Venue

1. Budapest Park

2. Akvárium Klub

3. A38

Best Pub

1. Humbák Művek

2. Barhole Music

3. Telep

Best Ruin Pub

1. Fogas Ház és Kert

2. Anker't

3. Szimpla kert

Best Bar

1. Humbák klub

2. Raktár bár&klub

3. Kiosk Budapest

Best Gay Friendly Place

1. Akvárium Klub

2. Anker't

3. Why not Budapest

Best Small Club

1. Aether

2. Larm

3. Barhole music

Best Big Club

1. Ötkert

2. Akvárium Klub

3. Tesla

The organizers made a special category which was a surprise even for the competitors:

Best cocktail bar:

1. Black Swan

2. Warm up

3. Bar Pharma

The site won’t stop after the voting: from now on it functions as an up-to-date Budapest Nightlife Guide. You can search for date, music style, or favorite places; and the people behind the initiative revealed: mobile application is under development for the better user experience and the easier orientation.

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