Where to shop in Budapest – according to CNN (and us)
Posted by Mia Balogh · Jun 13, 2018

Forget Váci utca, and enjoy the hunt for authentic ‘magyar’ souvenirs at the following spots.

We are all different but one thing might be the same: if we travel abroad, we would like to buy some authentic souvenirs for our family, friends, and obviously for ourselves to remember the journey.

But where to go shopping in Budapest? Well, if you listen to CNN and to us, you forget Váci utca and enjoy the treasure hunt at these spots.

CNN’s list about the best places for shopping in Budapest:

  1. Great Market Hall
  2. Falk Miksa Street
  3. Mester Porta
  4. Herend Porcelain
  5. Szputnyik Shop
  6. Ecseri Flea Market
  7. Andrássy Avenue

Our opinion: Váci utca is not on CNN’s list and we couldn’t agree more. This street, known as the shopping street of the city centre, is pretty touristic and quite expensive. We suggest you to absolutely visit the Great Market Hall for souvenirs instead (you can also reach it by walking on Váci utca) for fresh fruits, veggies and meat, and of course for the experience because it is a fantastic place. ;)

Szputnyik Shop is a great choice if you are a fashionista looking for unique vintage clothes and accessories. You can also find ‘treasures’ at Ecseri Flea Market: Soviet-era relics, old jewelry and secondhand books are waiting for their new owners, for very friendly prices.

If you don’t mind spending a little bit more on a high-end shopping spree, visit any of the boutiques on Andrássy Avenue – world famous high fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Max Mara, etc. can be found there.

Falk Miksa Street is a really nice strolling venue from the Parliament to Margaret Bridge and it is located just two blocks from the Danube. In our opinion, the antique shops and galleries located here – places mentioned also by CNN – are recommended for art collectors or those who would like to spend more on art.

By mentioning art, we would like to recommend you one more place, one of our favourites: Bartók Béla Boulevard in the Buda side of the city. This is maybe even more charming than Falk Miksa Street – for us, at least. ;) You can find many cafés and art galleries here (for ex. Faur Zsófi Gallery), and you will have the chance to buy some top quality Hungarian craft wine for ex. at Vino Piano Wine Bar and Gallery or something for the kids at the biggest child bookstore, Pagony. But if you go there only for a walk, start at Szt. Gellért Square and finish at Móricz Zsigmond Körtér. You will discover another face of Budapest here. We fell in love with it instantly. ;)

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