8 best places among the Danube to drink and chill
Posted by Budnews · Jul 18, 2018

For an unforgettable summer.

In summer we want to enjoy the proximity of the waterfront as much as possible. Although it’s not easy in Budapest, it is not impossible to find a place where we can enjoy our evening cocktail on the shore. For example at these 8 terraces:

  1. Fellini Római kutúrbisztró

Fellini is a phenomenon. Until you didn’t experience sitting here and staring at the Danube at least once, you cannot call yourself a local people. The unique attractiveness of this “culture bistro” are the beach loungers lining up directly on the shore. This is a real summer evening chill place, where people can enjoy the pebbles barefoot. This place is about summer evening conversations, Belgian beers and concerts, because there’s also a small stage set up on the shore with live music in the evening.

  1. Nap bácsi

If you're already in that neighborhood, don’t miss Nap bácsi. It's very similar to Fellini both in design and atmosphere, but they call themselves a „Family-friendly community space on the Danube shore”, not a bar or restaurant or cultural venue. Nap bácsi has bean bag chairs on the Danube shore and a real summer atmosphere.

  1. Kopaszi dam

Kopaszi dam is also a must-see in the summer. One of our favorite places is Vak Varjú Beach Bistro, where holiday feeling is given. Although the terrace itself does not go directly to the waterfront, but Danube is only a few meters away, where you can sit freely on the grass and literally dip your toe in the water that has become immaculately clean in recent years. Kopaszi dam is also a perfect place to organize a picnic, so put it on your list!

  1. Dunaparty Megálló

There is a „lost bus stop” in the southern region of Budapest. Two red, London-style double decker buses on the riverbank. They are not going anywhere, and instead of a timetable, you can find here fulfilling food, quality drinks and fine music. They have nice terrace to enjoy the water, fish and pancakes on our plate and cold beer or wine to relieve our thirst. The surrounding industrial area - though we wouldn’t think at first - is an illustrious sight.

  1. Kabin

There are waterfront locations on the Pest side too: for example Kabin, which opened last year. Kabin is on Népsziget, practically on the opposite of Fellini, and not just the atmosphere, but a part of the people behind the two places are the same. In this simple, but great place, we can really sit on the waterfront, and sip our drink with our foot in the cool waves. In the evenings there are varied programs like outdoor cinema or acoustic concerts.

  1. Pontoon

If you follow the news from Hungary, you might remember that Red Hot Chili Peppers visited an outdoor hangout place in Budapest and they listened to a Hungarian band’s concert. Well, it happened at Pontoon, where you can also have a beer, listen to some nice live music and chill out after a busy day. You can even kick off your shoes because you will find nice sand at the Danube bank here. Pontoon, the „beach of the city” is not only unique by design (hammock and palm trees), but it’s full of selected music and programs, a cultural and community space, a party venue with the mission to bring the Danube closer to the people of Budapest.

  1. Valyo Kikötő

This is the latest venue on the list, opened in May 2018, but this does not detract from its value at all. The former harbor area south of the Rákóczi Bridge is a place for art festivals and cultural events from May 1 through 5 months, including workshops, community programs, children and sport programs, concerts, film screenings and theater performances. You can dance in the sand, enjoy the sun with friends, meditate on the waterfront, enjoy a concert, and, of course, drink a cold beer.

  1. Raqpart

If you are looking for a place to enjoy a cool drink in downtown area, check out Raqpart! It is undoubtedly one of our favorite summer venues in the city since its opening in 2014. We love those lazy afternoons when we sit out here, and just watch the locals and tourist come and go… and – last, but not least – enjoy the view of the Chain Bridge, Buda Castle and Matthias Church. Lemonade and selfie is a must here! Jump in for a cool beer with your colleges after work, meet your friends before a party, or just get a break during a hot summer day by the river, where as we know, a slight breeze always makes the heat easier to bear.

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