Zero waste shops in Budapest
Posted by Budnews · Mar 27, 2019

Grab your mash-bag and save the planet!

As plastic pollution gets more and more attention, zero waste-lifestyle also gets more fame and success. Fortunately, many people realized, that we have to change, and being eco-friendly started to be really cool in the past few years. In this spirit, Budapest has now several zero waste shops, where everything – event things like grain - is unpacked. The primary goals of these places are to develop and distribute an environmentally conscious and sustainable purchasing culture, to reduce household waste by eliminating unnecessary product packaging, to promote zero waste lifestyle, and to promote the consumption of domestic products.

Transparency plays a key role in these efforts. At these places, the products are immediately visible when entering the store. They don't hide them in unnecessary packaging materials because they don't need to. These products are both fresh and natural, they do not contain any unnecessary preservatives, additives or texture enhancers. Most of them come from within the country.

By eliminating the packaging, these places allow us to buy exactly as much as we need. Here we can get 100 or 628 grams of rice, you can buy just one tasting portion from almost everything, or you can come with a specific recipe with well-defined quantities.

At these shops, customers buy products using their own pots, bags and packaging in exactly the quantities they need. You can buy vegetables, pasta, flour, herbs and spices, desserts and snack, dried fruit, muesli, jams, syrups, nuts and seed, oils and vinegar, bakery products, dairy product, cereal, grains, legumes, and even household and cleaning products.

In Budapest, there are several eco-friendly shops, where you can buy some of the things unpacked, but only three of them has no packed goods at all. These are the following:

Ne pazarolj! zero waste shop and café, Location: Fő street 79, 1027 Budapest

Ligeti Zero waste shop Location 1: Katona József Street 9-11, 1137 Budapest

Location 2: Karinthy Frigyes út 14, 1111 Budapest

The method and supply are basically the same at all of these places, so choose any of them, you will not be disappointed.

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